Types of Wired Communication Mediums?

Answer Communication has been around in one form or another since the beginning of mankind. Even before formal language took form, people have communicated through various signals, gestures and vocal indi... Read More »

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Types of Advertising Mediums?

Advertising is the way businesses get the word out to the buying public about their goods or services. Today's business owner or manager has many options to consider when it comes to spreading the ... Read More »

Types of Massage Mediums?

Massage is a therapy technique that uses different types of touch for therapeutic effect. Light touch can aid in relaxation and the removal of toxins. Firmer touch can help stimulate blood flow and... Read More »

Between wifi, wireless, and satellite, which of these types of non-hard wired broadband is easiest to steal in?

"wifi is a modem, wireless is where an antenna is on top of the roof, and satellite is where a round dish is installed on top of the roof"Not only is your knowledge lacking but then you ask for Ill... Read More »

Types of Communication in Animals?

Animals have a need to communicate just like humans. Animal communication is used to scare off predators, find a mate, help find food or even to strengthen the bonds among the animals. Animals comm... Read More »