Types of Wind-Power Towers Used to Create Home Energy?

Answer Wind turbines are one of several emerging technologies for producing electricity to power homes by renewable means. Along with solar, tidal and biomass energy, wind power is clean and renewable. Se... Read More »

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Is wind power expensive to create?

On One Hand: Start-up Costs Are MoreThe start-up costs for building a wind farm often are more expensive than setting up a coal- or gas-based electric plant. Special equipment is required, and high... Read More »

When was the first time that wind was used as an energy source?

Wind power has been around since approximately 3200 B.C., when the Egyptians invented the sail. However, the windmill was the invention that inspired modern wind power turbines, and it was created ... Read More »

Wind Turbines to Power a Home?

The US Department of Energy notes on its Wind & Water Power Program website that wind power is the process that converts energy in the wind into mechanical power that becomes electricity. This proc... Read More »

How to make a wind power generator at home?

To make this you will need a few things.the generator, blades battery and inverter.I have made three of them and I use them to power various things outside like lighting, pool pump and tv.The best ... Read More »