Types of Wild Turkeys in New Hampshire?

Answer The eastern wild turkey is the only wild turkey species found in New Hampshire. This New England state has witnessed the decline and restoration of eastern wild turkeys since the 19th century. East... Read More »

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Do wild turkeys eat mushrooms?

Wild turkeys are well known to be omnivores, meaning they will eat just about anything they can find. Their diet includes an abundance of plant matter, with their favorite items being acorns, gras... Read More »

Do wild turkeys eat morel mushrooms?

Wild turkeys are opportunistic omnivores. They eat a variety of food, mostly scavenged from the ground. Their diet includes, nuts, seeds, insects and acorns. Wild turkeys could eat morels as they a... Read More »

How to Relocate Wild Turkeys in Pennsylvania?

Wild turkeys can be found in Pennsylvania year 'round, as they do not migrate elsewhere. When you have wild turkeys on your property and want to relocate them -- for reasons like they are becoming ... Read More »

Different Types of Wild Birds?

The different types of wild birds that occur throughout the North American continent display great diversity in their diets, habitats and behaviors. Some are skilled predators, able to kill easily ... Read More »