Types of White Skunks?

Answer There are four genera of skunks, each of which includes several species. The vast majority of skunks in every species are black or brown with white markings. However, now and then a skunk is born w... Read More »

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What Types of Skunks Live in Arizona?

Though a skunk's black and white coloring is meant to deter predators, a skunk's musky secretions are a secondary defense mechanism. A skunk's foul-smelling spray comes from oily liquids produced b... Read More »

Types of White Rose?

The color of white roses signifies humility, innocence, purity, reverence, secrecy, silence, true love and youth. Several types of white roses offer different looks, textures, sizes and levels of f... Read More »

Types of White Marble?

White marble is a building material first used and popularized by the ancient Greeks. Marble has been quarried and used to build structures both artful and useful, from buildings to sculptures to h... Read More »

Different Types of White Cheeses?

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