Types of Vehicle Speed Sensors?

Answer Speed sensor technologies inform vehicle operators of various rates while the sensors are built to be sensitive to elements such as magnetism, iron and electricity. The role of these sensors is to ... Read More »

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How to Replace Vehicle Speed Sensors in Altimas?

The vehicle speed sensor in your Altima provides a signal to the on-board computer that indicates actual vehicle speed from the output shaft of the transmission. This signal is used by both the eng... Read More »

How Do Speed Sensors Work?

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AC Vs. DC Wheel Speed Sensors?

Several systems in a car need to know the vehicle's speed in order to operate correctly. The systems that measure vehicle speed do so by measuring wheel speed, which can be done using AC or DC curr... Read More »

How Do Crankshaft Speed Sensors Work?

Crankshaft speed sensors, otherwise known as position speed sensors, are electronic control devices which are used in automotive internal combustion engines. This component sends crucial informatio... Read More »