Types of Universal Joints?

Answer A universal joint, otherwise called a u-joint, is found in many automotive applications, as well as in other mechanics. For example, a u-joint is used in vehicles between the drive train bar and th... Read More »

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Where are universal joints used?

A universal joint connects two rotating shafts, allowing for freedom of motion in every direction. Universal joints (or Hookes joints) are used to carry drive from one shaft to another, and are use... Read More »

Universal Vs. CV Joints?

Universal joints (u-joints), and constant velocity (CV) joints are simply types of couplings that connect drive lines together so that they can provide power at different angles. Whether the applic... Read More »

How to Know If Universal Joints Are Bad?

Universal joints connect each end of a vehicle's drive shaft to the transmission or transaxle in the front and the rear differential in the rear. They allow the drive shaft some flexibility as the ... Read More »

How to Lubricate Universal Joints?

All driveshafts contain a series of joints known as universal joints. The universal joints connect the driveshaft to the transmission, rear end or another driveshaft, and allow limited movement up ... Read More »