Types of Underwater Submersibles?

Answer Submersibles are used predominantly by scientists to conduct research at deep levels beneath the surface of the ocean. Submersibles are created for humans to operate onboard, or remotely from the s... Read More »

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Who made the first submersibles?

Cornelius van Drebel, a Dutch doctor and inventor working for the British government, developed the first submersible. He successfully tested his vessel in the Thames River between 1620 and 1624. B... Read More »

Can i use my digital camera to do underwater photography using ziploc bag as casing underwater?

You can definitely give it a try, but the risk is yours. You should get a proper underwater casing for your camera. If yours is a common brand or model, you should be able to get it easily from eba... Read More »

What is better: Underwater camera or an underwater camera case?

The Nikon AW100 is one of the better underwater cameras. I'd keep it. I never liked those baggies. They are OK for above water use - such as at the beach where the camera might get wet, but they ar... Read More »

How to Get Out of a Car Underwater?

Getting into an accident is scary---it's even more frightening if your car becomes submerged underwater. This situation is life-threatening and requires you to think fast and stay calm. You will ha... Read More »