Types of Tools Used in 14th Century Astronomy?

Answer Astronomy in the 14th century was still based on the theories of the ancient astronomer Ptolemy as described in his classic work "The Almagest." The primary use of astronomy was to calculate the co... Read More »

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14th Century Celtic Styles?

While being stylish wasn't necessarily foremost in the minds of 14th century Celtic women, their everyday dress, in all of its understated simplicity, might have provided the building blocks for to... Read More »

Who was the arab traveler of the 14th century?

Several Arab travelers and explorers were active during the 14th century, but the most prolific and well-known was Ibn Battuta (1304-1368 or 1369). A Moroccan who departed on a pilgrimage to Mecca ... Read More »

What types of tools were used with traditional horse hair plaster over wood lathe How does one use these tools to make perfectly smooth walls?

Answer I would assume a simple, but long wooden trowel similar to a mortar trowel, perhaps with some upturned skids at the end so overlapping strokes do not make unwanted marks in the plaster. I ... Read More »

How many pointers were on a 14th century clock?

Early 14th century mechanical clocks were designed only to denote the hour of the day. It was therefore logical to make these early clocks with only one pointer, as time only moved by the hour, ins... Read More »