Types of Tongue Rings?

Answer One very popular oral piercing is the tongue ring. It's easy to conceal, easy to maintain and possibly very fun in sexual situations. Since a tongue piercing uses two very popular jewelry types, th... Read More »

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Are tongue rings dangerous?

On One Hand: Get Proper Piercings and Do MaintenanceAs long as the person giving you the tongue piercing uses a sterile utensil and washes her hands properly, you have little risk of infection. Acc... Read More »

Tongue Rings & Bad Breath?

Tongue rings have become a staple of popular culture, serving as an expression of body art. The actual rings have evolved from simple silver balls to complex colors and designs, including neon-colo... Read More »

How to Sterilize Tongue Rings at Home?

If you've decided to pierce your tongue and wear a tongue ring, you should take steps to periodically sterilize the ring. Do this every six to eight weeks to prevent mouth infections or irritations... Read More »

Flat Tongue Rings Good ?

what does she mean 'as long as you be careful'? but yes plastic bars are safe to use since you've had yours for a month now and yes flat tongue rings are safe and they are SUPER comfortable :) hope... Read More »