Types of Timing Lights?

Answer Timing lights are necessary to adjust the firing time of the ignition for the proper combustion of fuel. Fuel burns at a constant rate depending on compression in the engine. As the engine's RPM in... Read More »

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How to Use Timing Lights?

The purpose of the timing light is to indicate top dead center on the number 1 cylinder and give a visual reference to use to advance or retard the timing. The ignition timing is the point that the... Read More »

How to Set Up Timing Lights?

If you need to check or adjust your engine's timing, a timing light is the tool for the job. A timing light is a stroboscopic light that is aimed at the vehicle's timing marks to determine if the t... Read More »

How Do Timing Lights Work?

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Types of Timing Belts?

Timing Belts are reinforced fabric or rubber belts that are essential engine components in small to midsize cars that use overhead camshafts. The timing belt's main purpose is to keep vital parts ... Read More »