Types of Sumerian Temples?

Answer Sumer was one of the earliest known civilizations of the Ancient Near East, situated in south Mesopotamia. The word "Sumerian" is used to describe people who spoke the Sumerian language. Sumer is r... Read More »

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Sumerian Discoveries?

Roughly 3,500 BCE, a region in southern Mesopotamia called Sumer became home to some of the world's first cities; the first ideas about everything from the written word to the 60-minute hour came f... Read More »

How old is a gold Sumerian lyre?

According to William Sound, the gold Sumerian lyre found at Ur dates back to 2650 B.C. The ancient artifact was found by Sir Leonard Woolley, and was one of a dozen instruments found at the site.Re... Read More »

How to Pray in Hindu Temples?

There are Hindu temples all over the world and many of these are worth visiting if only for the architecture. A visit to a Hindu temple can offer an insight into a culture and religion that may be ... Read More »

Why are my eye glasses temples not straight?

Oakley Bucket glasses have stems that curve slightly. Since there are no hooks on the ear stems, they have to clamp to your head with some pressure. If you're temples are bowing/ pushing outwards... Read More »