Types of Sugar Used for Decoration?

Answer In addition to giving your baked goods an extra-sweet touch, decorative sugars will enhance the treats with color, shimmer and sparkle. You can instantly elevate your cakes and cookies to bakery sh... Read More »

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Can powdered sugar be used as sweetner/sugar in coffee?

Powdered sugar is actually a 50/50 mixture of powdered (finely ground) sugar and cornstarch. While you could use it for a sweetener in coffee it might also change the texture and if you use enough ... Read More »

Types of Sugar Wax?

Sugaring, sometimes called Parisian waxing, combines household ingredients into an inexpensive, natural wax alternative. Egyptians and Indians have used sugaring for centuries, each culture creatin... Read More »

Can dark brown sugar be used for dark muscovado sugar?

Muscovado sugar, also known as Barbados sugar, is a dark brown sugar with a strong molasses flavor. If you don't have muscovado sugar, you can substitute dark brown sugar or white sugar with 2 tabl... Read More »

Types of Sugar Cane Plants?

Approximately 70 percent of the 120 tons of sugar produced annually across the globe comes from sugar cane, according to Sugar cane is a genus of tropical grasses that grow in wet clim... Read More »