Types of Stag Beer Tap Handles?

Answer Stag Beer is a pale lager created by the Western Brewery, which was founded in the 1850s. Stag Beer was developed in 1907 and grew into one of the nation's most popular beers during the early and m... Read More »

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Which types of beer have less hops?

IPAs tend to be very hoppy; lagers and milds are less hoppy. The colour of the beer comes from the malt, not the hops and there is no relationship between colour and hoppiness. Some dark beers are ... Read More »

Types of Beer Bottles?

Many factors contribute to the packaging of beer. Using brown or green-tinted glass ensures the product is protected from sunlight, which can cause a breakdown of the contents. Aesthetic appeal tru... Read More »

Is it tru that mixxing 2 types of beer can kill you?

If that were true I would have died many many times over. Nope, mixing two types of beer will not kill anybody.

Beer poll: Have you tried any new beers lately What types?

Oh, man. I'm constantly trying new stuff. Last week I was at the Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Festival and I tried a few brilliant beers for the first time.Kuhnhenn Framboise from Kuhnhenn Br... Read More »