Types of Square Columns?

Answer If redesigning your porch or planning to use interior columns in your home, square columns come in a variety of styles. As with round columns, square columns are manufactured in various materials f... Read More »

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How to Replace Interior Greek Columns With Square Columns?

Interior columns are typically architectural details rather than structural support, unlike exterior columns. Greek column designs, including Doric, Corinthian and ionic, are commonly preferred for... Read More »

How many columns are in St. Peter's Square?

St. Peter's Square, or Piazza San Pietro, is located in Vatican City. Construction of the elliptical colonnade began in 1656, and the colonnade is composed of 284 columns and 88 pillars in a quadru... Read More »

Types of HPLC Columns?

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a type of column chromatography designed to separate and classify components of a sample based on its interactions with a specific column. HPLC is d... Read More »

Types of Classical Architectural Columns?

Greek architecture has long been the standard that many civilizations have attempted to live up to, and Roman architecture, in terms of columns and structural supports, demonstrates the influence t... Read More »