Types of Sound Vibrations?

Answer There are four types of sound vibrations. Vibrations cause air particles to bump into each other, creating compressions and rarefactions. This action creates sound. Faster vibrations create higher-... Read More »

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Science Fair Project Ideas on Sound Vibrations?

Science fair projects are great ways to involve students in their science education. By having them conduct the experiment, they get hands-on experience with the scientific method. Sound waves are ... Read More »

Types of Surround Sound?

With today's technology, a home theater can make watching movies at home as much fun as going to the movies. Besides the TV, the surround sound system is the most important part of a home theater. ... Read More »

Body vibrations.........?

You didn't say how old you are, however women who are going through menopause, or are pre-menopausal, sometimes complain of a feeling that their bodies are vibrating. Go to Ther... Read More »

How Do Car Brakes Cause Vibrations?

Mountain bikes often use tubeless tires in order to reduce the weight of the wheels installed on your bike. This makes it easier for you to make long rides on your bike without feeling like you are... Read More »