Types of Social Rebellion?

Answer Much of human history is marked by the opposition between people and authority. When this opposition comes to a head, rebellion breaks out. Such revolts build or destroy nations, liberate oppressed... Read More »

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Types of Social Insurance?

Life's journey is not always pleasant. Some troubles are small and manageable, while others, like disability or the unexpected death of a primary breadwinner interfere with our ability to live happ... Read More »

Types of Social Letters?

According to "New Scientist" magazine, Albert Einstein wrote 14,500 letters during his career. With the availability of email, texts and instant messages, most of us will never come close to produc... Read More »

What Are the Types of Social Provision for Poverty?

Poverty is a condition that makes in nearly impossible to acquire and maintain basic necessities in life such as housing, food, health care and education. The National Poverty Center states that al... Read More »

What Are the Four Different Types of Social Movements?

Social movements attempt to effect societal change through the organization of social movement organizations -- large groups of like-minded people that promote the desired change. Sociologist Willi... Read More »