Types of Slant/Fin Boiler Air Flow Switches?

Answer A common component in a boiler is the air flow switch, and this flow switch turns on or off depending upon the air flow moving through the pipe. This protects the pump when the air flow rate is not... Read More »

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Different Types of Light Switches?

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Types of Gas for Central Heating Boiler?

Central heating boilers heat water (and more complex systems may also help heat air) for household use. These boilers typically have a tank filled with water that they keep at a specific temperatur... Read More »

Steam Heating Boiler Types?

A steam heating boiler is a closed metal container in which a liquid is turned into a vapor, used for power or heating. Some steam heating boilers use the heat from burning industrial wastes. Other... Read More »

Types of Pull Chains for Electric Light Switches?

Pull-chain light switches are ubiquitous. They are the lights in attics and basements that are turned on and off by pulling a chain or string. Incandescent bulbs are most effective (and safest) whe... Read More »