Types of Simple Machines in a Pencil Sharpener?

Answer There are six different types of simple machines: a lever, a wedge, an inclined plane, a screw, a pulley and a wheel and axle. The effectiveness of a simple machine is in how it multiplies force, m... Read More »

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Types of Simple Pulley Machines?

A pulley is used to decrease the amount of effort that is necessary to lift or move a load. It is a simple machine and requires only two basic parts to work -- a wheel and a rope. The wheel has a g... Read More »

How to get a screw out of a pencil sharpener.?

Turn the screw backwards. In this case it is righty loosy, lefty tighty.Try it, I'e done it.

Who created the pencil sharpener?

An African American inventor by the name of John Lee Love created the pencil sharpener in 1897. His invention was also issued a United States patent. This type of pencil sharpener is similar to the... Read More »

Who was the inventor of the pencil sharpener?

Bernard Lassimone invented the first pencil sharpener. He received a patent in France in 1828 for his invention. Succeeding Lassimone's invention, other innovators further developed the pencil shar... Read More »