Types of Shoelaces?

Answer For many shoes, the standard laces that they come with work really well. In other cases, new laces may work better. When you are choosing shoelaces, you should be familiar with the types of shoelac... Read More »

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How to Mend Shoelaces?

When the ends of your shoelaces fray, it's tempting to get a new pair of laces to make your shoes look smart. However, new laces may look strange with your old shoes. The problem with shoelaces is ... Read More »

Can I tie shoelaces on Shabbat?

Practicing Jews may tie shoelaces on Shabbat, according to Jewish sources. The laces should be tied with the typical bow most people use, and not a more elaborate knot. Shabbat is the Hebrew word f... Read More »

How to Do Shoelaces in the Hair?

Braid shoelaces in your hair to design a unique, versatile hairstyle. Change the shoelace colors to coordinate with your wardrobe. Create one braid or fill your hair with several braids. This style... Read More »

Who invented shoelaces?

People have been fastening their shoes together by various means for centuries. However, a man named Harvey Kennedy patented shoelaces in 1790. It is reported that he earned $2,500,000 dollars as a... Read More »