Types of Scratches on a Car?

Answer No matter the severity, new scratches can be infuriating to car owners, especially if the car was recently driven from the dealer's lot. Not only are scratches unsightly and may effect the trade-i... Read More »

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How do you get scratches off cds?

You can try polishing a CD yourself, but good luck. The amount of polishing needed to repair a CD without causing more problems than you started with usually requires a machine. Try used CD stores ... Read More »

How to Fix Car Scratches?

It never fails that just after you've spent all day washing and waxing your new car, someone comes along and scrapes their key down the side of it, ruining both your mood and your car's paint job. ... Read More »

How to Fix DVD Scratches?

The materials used for the playable surface of a DVD are vulnerable to being scratched. You can fix scratches on a DVD, or any optical disc for that matter, so that the laser in the playback device... Read More »

How do I fix CD-Rom scratches?

AbrasivePolish the scratch with a cotton swab and a mild abrasive, such as toothpaste or furniture polish. Do not use any abrasive that contains a solvent, because it may start dissolving the polyc... Read More »