Types of Rosebush Trellises?

Answer Unlike other rose varieties, climbing bush roses have long, flexible canes that allow you to train them around trellises and support systems. Tea roses, ramblers and polyantha climbers are just a f... Read More »

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What Is the Largest Type of Rosebush?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world's tallest freestanding rosebush is an 18-foot tall red-flowering bush of unknown name in Morristown, New Jersey. A white Lady Banks rose i... Read More »

How do I start a rosebush from cuttings?

CuttingStart a rosebush from the cutting of another rosebush. Find a rosebush variety that you like, and snip off a branch that recently had a bloom on it. Cut at an angle. The stem cutting should ... Read More »

DIY Trellises?

Design your own trellis to enhance the appearance of your garden, fit any space and produce a bounty of flowers or crops. A trellis is an upright structure that is generally secured to the ground a... Read More »

Garden & Rosebush Deer Repellent?

Deers love roses. If are around fences or other means of protection will be needed for your roses. Motion-detecting lights are effective for scaring off deer. Noise traps such as bells on string an... Read More »