Types of Roller Chain?

Answer Most people are familiar with roller chain as the kind of chain used on bicycles. However, roller chain is used in everything from forklifts to some cars, to transfer movement and power from gears ... Read More »

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Roller Chain Alternatives?

It seems like a fairly simple task: connect one shaft to another and make sure they turn at the same rate. However, original-equipment and aftermarket manufacturers have concocted several different... Read More »

How to Clean a Roller Chain?

Roller chains reduce friction using high efficiency pins to connect the links of the chain. If left unchecked, gunk and debris will build in the links of the roller chain. Routinely cleaning and oi... Read More »

Roller Chain Repair Tools?

Roller chains are found on a lot of equipment and machines such as bicycles or older-model motorcycles. The repair of these roller chains when they break are difficult if the repair-person does not... Read More »

Types of Roller Coasters?

Roller coasters have grown and changed continually throughout the years. From a humble beginning of wooden and steel coasters, they have now been expanded to include eight different subtypes that a... Read More »