Types of Rich Soil?

Answer Soil covers most of the Earth's land surface, consisting of varying combinations of weathered rock, minerals, and decaying organic matter and water, among other components. Some soils are rich and ... Read More »

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What Is a Rich Organic Soil?

Successful organic gardening requires establishing healthy soil. After all, soil is your plants' living space and provides them with nutrition, water, oxygen and physical support for their roots. R... Read More »

What should you mix in with garden soil to make it rich with minerals?

use greensand and compost. ANSWER: Add composted cow manure to a rate of one fifty pound bag per 100 square feet of garden and till it under. POOF! instant rich soil without too much nitrogen. Add ... Read More »

3 Soil Types?

Soil exists all over the earth; however, few people understand the diversity that lies right beneath them. Soil comes in many different types---depending upon its location. Understanding the differ... Read More »

Six Types of Soil?

Before you realize your dream garden, and your favorite plants and flowers can lead healthy lives, you have to choose the right kind of soil. Understanding the benefits and weaknesses of each type ... Read More »