Types of Relative URLs in HTML?

Answer When creating a Web page, its important that all of your hyperlinks, denoted by an "" tag, point to the appropriate location. One way to do this is to use absolute links, such a "http://www.mysite.... Read More »

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How to Use Relative URLs?

Relative URLs let you enter only a small path into your image and link tags. Instead of typing the entire path, including the "HTTP" prefix and domain name, relative paths let you only type the dir... Read More »

Types of Fonts That Can Be Used With HTML?

Selecting a clever font can make your Web design exciting, but using an unpopular font with HTML can lead to a broken Web page. The World Wide Web Consortium has come up with a solution using casca... Read More »

Different Font Types in HTML?

Let's face it--text is bland and boring. No one enjoys reading an endless block of plain font. Whether you are trying to add emphasis to particular phrases on your site or simply want to make the d... Read More »

Is it legal for a relative to give a child to a another relative without the courts being involved?

well, it depends. in some countries this matter is allowed. it depends on which country you live in.