Types of Recycled Polyester Fibers?

Answer Polyester is a polymer. It refers to naturally occurring chemicals from plants and to synthetic chemicals such as polycarbonate and polybutyrate, which are combined in polymerization. Fabrics can b... Read More »

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How do I clean a sofa made of polyester fibers?

Use Mild DetergentMix 2 tbsp. mild detergent soap with one gallon of water. Place a sponge into the soap mixture, and squeeze out the water. Wipe the sponge lightly over the polyester fabric of the... Read More »

Just purchased a polyester rug from Target, vacuumed and fibers already pulled up! Help!?

Hi - if I was you I would contact Target and take the rug back telling them what has happened and ask for your money back - you are perfectly in your rights to get your money back. Take your recei... Read More »

Types of Polyester Yarn?

Polyester yarn is made from a chemical process that combines petroleum products, coal, water and air into chips that are melted, extruded into fibers, and then spun into yarn. There are two main ty... Read More »

What Types of Foam Can Be Recycled?

Foam is a form of aerated plastic produced in many different variations. It has a multitude of uses ranging from furniture padding to packaging and construction insulation. Tons of foam are produce... Read More »