Types of Reading Skills?

Answer There is more than one way to read. Sometimes reading involves no more that quickly running your eyes over a text in search of a particular piece of information. Other times is it more in-depth and... Read More »

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What Are Pre-Reading Skills That Are Related to More Skilled Reading in First Grade?

Preschool and kindergarten-aged students often study pre-reading skills to help them move on to more skilled reading in first grade. Pre-reading skills that help young students learn to read includ... Read More »

How to Make Your Reading More Active So That You Are Using Critical Reading Skills?

If you can manage to improve your critical reading skills, this is one of the most important things you can do to further your academic success. You may love reading for pleasure. Though this share... Read More »

What Are Reading Skills & Sub Skills?

Much of the information we gain about the world comes from the written word. Reading is a complex process involving several skills used simultaneously. Reading also develops sub-skills, or skills t... Read More »

How to Help With Reading Skills?

Forty-four percent of fourth graders in America cannot read fluently. If your child or a child you love is one of them, there is hope. Research shows that the vast majority of children can learn to... Read More »