Types of Protective Coating?

Answer Protective coating guards materials from corrosion and helps pad objects during storing, handling and shipping. It is available in see-through or solid colors, and people can still see postal codes... Read More »

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What element is a protective coating on water taps?

According to Tap Into Quality, the calcium in hard water is a natural element that creates a protective coating on the inside of your pipes. The calcium coating prevents lead and copper from leachi... Read More »

What is the silvery metal used as a protective coating on galvanized iron?

The metal used as a protective coating in the process of galvanization is zinc. Zinc helps protect the iron from corrosion due to rust and helps lower the overall cost of maintenance.Source:Wikiped... Read More »

Why is it that brothers act protective of sister but when they find girlfriend or wife they aren't protective of sisters anymore and don't care about sisters anymore?

It's not that they don't care, they've just found their own love to be wraped up in.

What should you do if you're 14 and want a baby but how do you tell your mom and dad if your dad is very protective?

Answerlet me tell you a little about myself, i was 17 years old and had a baby. you don't want a baby at the age of 14 trust me!!! life with any friends will end because you would be home with a ba... Read More »