Types of Propulsion for Spaceships?

Answer Spaceships are propelled by a rocket engine. Rocket engine propulsion is based on Sir Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion. This law states that: "For every action there is an equal but opposite rea... Read More »

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Types of Propulsion Used for Motion?

The term propulsion simply means to move or thrust an object, vessel or vehicle forward. Thus, a propulsion system is a machine used to impel that object forward. Many kinds of propulsion systems h... Read More »

What toilet do they have in spaceships?

What NASA say about aliens spaceships?

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How many spaceships NASA owns?

As of this writing, NASA has only three (3) working SPACESHIPS (as opposed to total number of SPACECRAFT owned or operating), the space shuttle orbiter vehicles, OV-103 Discovery, OV-104 Atlantis a... Read More »