Types of Propellers?

Answer Propellers are devices that provide thrust for some types of boats and airplanes. Most propellers consist of at least two blades with a hole in the middle where the propeller is secured. Often, boa... Read More »

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Types of Marine Propellers?

The average boater could easily assume marine propellers come in a single form. However, marine propellers come in a vast assortment of construction types, materials and sizes, and are specialized ... Read More »

Types of Ship Propellers?

Ship propellers vary in size and purpose. They all provide propulsion by creating a pressure change in the water on either side of the blades, similar to how a water or wind turbine works. The prop... Read More »

How Can I Tell What Propellers I Need for My Boats?

Boating is an outdoor sport that provides sunshine, fresh air and a mode of transportation over a body of water. Choosing the right propeller for your boat is vital to its performance. Its helps th... Read More »

How big were Titanic's propellers?

Titanic was a triple-screw steam ship; it had three propellers. It was fitted with two wing propellers driven by reciprocating steam engines and a center propeller driven by a turbine engine. The w... Read More »