Types of Progressive Lenses?

Answer Progressive lenses are spectacle lenses that are used when you need to see in the distance and also read up close. The lenses are also called invisible or no-line bifocals and come in many differe... Read More »

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How do progressive lenses work?

Progressive lenses do away with the "middle-age stigma" of wearing bifocals while giving wearers a seamless solution to their vision problems.BifocalsWhen many people in their 40s develop a problem... Read More »

Progressive lenses vs. bifocals?

Bifocals have 2 focal points, one for near, one for far. The progressive lens gives you the intermediate distance also that a bifocal can't do.The reading area of a bifocal is always going to be wi... Read More »

What is the difference between progressive lenses&bifocals?

Bifocals and progressive lenses are closely related in that they both work for people who need more than one type of vision correction. There are, however, several key differences.AppearanceThe loo... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Progressive Lenses & Bifocals?

Although bifocals and progressive lenses both help with reading and close work, these similar but different types of glasses lenses work differently.