Types of Problems That Cannot Be Solved Without Calculus?

Answer High school and undergraduate college students must have a good grounding in basic math before they learn calculus. Although calculus has a reputation as a difficult field of mathematics, it is one... Read More »

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Types of Door Locks That Cannot Be Bumped?

Locksmiths have long opened doors by inserting a blank key from a lock manufacturer into a matching lock and striking it to "bump" all the pin tumblers, opening the lock. Locksmiths only did this a... Read More »

How much is a woman at risk for pregnancy problems percentage-wise if she had a cone biopsy and LEEP done several years ago and what are the typical types of problems that occur?

Answer Sometimes, women with these procedures will have problems maintaining pregnancies due to "incompetent cervix" or "cervical shortening". Sometimes, doctors will place a stitch in the cervix c... Read More »

What are you cosmetics that you simply cannot live without?

What's a food that you cannot possibly live without?

actually not a food but a condiment...franks red hot sauce..i put it on everything..can't get enough of it!