Types of Praying Mantis in Northern California?

Answer The praying mantis is one of the most striking insects found in the North American wild. Typically larger than other insects, the praying mantis has long claws, tapered body, flexible neck and larg... Read More »

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How to Keep a Praying Mantis As a Pet?

Praying mantisA praying mantis can be a fun and enjoyable pet. These pets are intuitive and more intelligent than most of the insect family. They can often live up to year and sometimes more if car... Read More »

How to Keep a Pet Praying Mantis Without a Cage?

If you want an easy-to-keep pet, that doesn't need any attention, a praying mantis - or other insect - will be ideal. But do you lack the space to put a large tank/container? This article will show... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Praying Mantis?

A fascinating insect, the praying mantis is widespread in the world and makes an awesome choice for a pet. Even people who don't like a lot of bugs can be persuaded to enjoy the antics of a praying... Read More »

Characteristics of the Praying Mantis?

The praying mantis is such an interesting-looking bug. Its front legs are bent and held together at an angle that makes it appear that it's praying. That's how it got its name. A praying mantis, wh... Read More »