Types of Potted Pink Lilies?

Answer Pink lilies represent youth and acceptance and are believed to stand for prosperity and wealth. Wherever your beliefs stand with the lily, potted pink lilies make the perfect arrangement for every ... Read More »

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Types of Potted Flowers?

Potted plants can dress up any balcony or front porch. You can change your mind about where you want them and you will not affect the delicate root system. Pots also help maintain specific growing ... Read More »

Types of Canna Lilies?

Popular as an exotic, tropical addition to borders and landscape designs for many years, the canna lily is grown from a rhizome and thrives in the warm summer season. Grown as a perennial in U.S. D... Read More »

The Difference Between Easter Lilies & Tiger Lilies?

Easter lilies (Lilium formosanum) and tiger lilies (Lilium tigrinum) are from the botanical family Lilaceae. Both plants are perennials grown from bulbs, have showy, long-lasting flowers and grow w... Read More »

Types of Pink and Yellow Hibiscus?

Hibiscus species featuring pink flowers are common, while those producing yellow flowers are rarer. These hibiscus plants occur in different forms, with their tolerance for cold weather depending u... Read More »