Types of Pontiac Cars?

Answer Pontiac is an automobile manufacturer that is owned by General Motors. The company has long specialized in performance vehicles, but General Motors announced that the Pontiac brand would be phased ... Read More »

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What company makes Pontiac cars?

According to Consumer Reports, as of 2009, General Motors owns the Pontiac brand of car. In addition to Pontiac, GM owns Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, the majority of Daewoo and the European car... Read More »

Types of Coolant for Cars?

Coolant, also known as radiator fluid, keeps your engine from freezing in the winter and from overheating in the summer months. You must flush and replace your car's coolant occasionally. The radia... Read More »

Types of Computers in Cars?

It's easy to think of a car as a mechanical system with moving parts and technology from a century ago. However, modern cars make extensive use of computers, setting them apart from the older model... Read More »

Types of Beetle Cars?

A Beetle car is an economy car that's known for efficiency and sustainability. The first ones were made in 1938 by the German auto manufacturer Volkswagen. These types of cars have a unique look t... Read More »