Types of Piercings for Guys?

Answer In the United States men began to wear a single earring in the 1980s, when many rock stars started sporting them. But it was not until the 1990s that many guys choose to have other body parts pier... Read More »

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How to Recognize the Types of Ear Piercings?

When hanging out with a certain crowd it can be a bit embarrassing when you can't identify the ear piercings of your more seasoned friends. It's amazing how many different types of piercings you ca... Read More »

Types of Naval Piercings?

There are many types and styles of naval piercings, but the shape of the naval can limit the type of piercing possible. There are "innie" and "outtie" piercings, which may or may not work for every... Read More »

How to Put in Different Types of Gauge Piercings?

Stretched piercings are often referred to by the gauge size of the jewelry they can accommodate. You may hear people in piercing shops saying they need a pair of 0 gauge plugs for their earlobes or... Read More »

Girls: guys with piercings turn on or turn off?

deff a TURN ON!!!!but deff depends on the guy.if they are some ugly lil scrub ewlll.but if they are some hot sexy scene guy thenfriiick yes its a turn on! (: