Types of Permanent Waves?

Answer The type of perm you get depends on your hair and the style you want. Hair that damages easily, or is already damaged, requires a gentler perm, while coarser hair can handle more aggressive treatme... Read More »

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Permanent Waves & Hair Testing?

Hair testing and analysis gives stylists the information they need to accurately predict how a permanent wave will turn out. The information also helps stylists choose the type of perm and rods to ... Read More »

4 Types of Short Waves?

Everything you see represents a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but there's far more; tons of things you don't see are also within this spectrum of waves. The spectrum's wave types are charac... Read More »

Types of Finger Waves?

Finger waves in the hair were all the rage back in the 1920s and 1930s, when more women began wearing cropped or short hair. Finger waving came about because the short, bobbed hairstyles of that ti... Read More »

What Are the Types of Solar Energy Waves?

Our sun produces unimaginable amounts of energy. After years of careful study, much is now known about the types of wavelengths of the sun's output. Acoustic waves, electromagnetic radiation and gr... Read More »