Types of Perfumes?

Answer Perfume of various types has been used for thousands of years to mask odors and attract the opposite sex, and also as part of religious ceremonies. The techniques of producing perfumes have changed... Read More »

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Aldehydes in Perfumes?

Aldehyde was first used in perfume with the iconic fragrance, Chanel No 5. Perfumes built around this fragrance additive are able to be worn year round and convey a modern, complex bouquet. Aldehyd... Read More »

Reasons to Buy Perfumes?

In 2008, the perfume industry reached a milestone and generated $10 million in sales, according to Pauline Thomas of Fashion-Era. Sales of perfume still are high as of 2010. Knowing reasons why peo... Read More »

How to Test Perfumes?

You spent an hour trying different perfumes at the mall, and you have a headache. You try to reject all the employees who wait around the halls trying to get you to sample the newest perfume. You d... Read More »

A Guide to Perfumes?

Long before department stores existed, perfume was part of human culture. The earliest perfumes were derived by simply rubbing fragrant plants directly on the skin. In the 21st century, many perfum... Read More »