Types of Perfume Oils?

Answer Perfumes lift your spirits, they're intimately tied with romance, and one whiff can lodge itself into memories. From designer fragrances to inexpensive knock-offs, perfumes have become a multi-bill... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Perfume Using Fragrance Oils & Essential Oils?

Perfume was originally developed by the French through a process of steeping flower petals in alcohol and a small amount of oil. The perfume industry now averages $10 billion annually with numerous... Read More »

How to Mix Perfume Oils?

Mixing is the easy part, deciding what to mix is the difficult part when it comes to learning how to mix perfume oils. Perfumers spend years learning and perfecting their art, but fortunately, ther... Read More »

About Perfume Oils?

Perfume oils provide the fragance-base for perfumes, colognes and toilet waters. Perfume oils have no alcohol, water or other fillers to diminish their strength and original essence. Perfumes oils ... Read More »

Sources of Perfume Oils?

From scented dryer sheets to designer fragrances, perfume oils are essential ingredients used to create a wide variety of products. The oils come from natural or synthetic sources. Natural sources ... Read More »