Types of Partial Teeth?

Answer Dentists have multiple options available to patients who are faced with lost or missing teeth due to periodontal disease, accidents and poor dental hygiene. The options available to dental patients... Read More »

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How do you secure loose teeth in a partial plate?

Securing Loose Teeth in a Partial Plate It's not really recommended you do it yourself if you get the tooth/teeth in the wrong place the plate won't fit. Take the plate to your dentist for advice o... Read More »

What might one expect to pay for a partial plate, four front upper teeth?

go to a dental school......I am getting a bridge..$2,300.......not cheap.

Can additional teeth be added to a Valplast partial denture?

Does food cling to a partial plate as bad as it does to 'snaggly' teeth?

Answer Yes, food does stick to partial dentures. Maybe even worse than snaggly teeth.