Types of Outside Water Taps?

Answer Watering a garden, washing a car and pressure cleaning are a few of the many activities that require easy access to water around the exterior of a home. A variety of water taps equipped with differ... Read More »

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Does the water in the loft water tank reach the drinking taps or is it only for heating?

That water is used in the cold taps in your bathroom and for the heated water you use. Don't drink from these taps.

How to Make Foot Taps to Conserve Water?

A lot of water is wasted when shaving, brushing or washing utensils at the sink because both hands are occupied. Using a simple DIY foot operated tap lets you control the flow of water. Before you ... Read More »

What element is a protective coating on water taps?

According to Tap Into Quality, the calcium in hard water is a natural element that creates a protective coating on the inside of your pipes. The calcium coating prevents lead and copper from leachi... Read More »

Some of our water pipes are made of lead. Would it be wise to buy bottled water, the cheap types?

Lead pipes should have been replaced years ago. End of. It doesn't cost much to replace at least the pipes supplying drinking water.