Types of Organizational & Cultural Intangibles?

Answer Many companies, businesses and organizations look like "well-greased" machines with stringent processes and procedures to outsiders. However, behind the doors of every organization, large or small,... Read More »

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Types of Cultural Context?

Cultural context is the milieu from which an idea, behavior or cultural product such as a text, film or music originates.The cultural context is affected by attitudes and social behaviors in relati... Read More »

Four Types of Cultural Communication?

Cultural communication can bring members of different groups together, as well as keep them apart. When different cultural groups do not have regular access to one another, it can also often lead t... Read More »

Types of Organizational Systems?

There are four main types of organizational systems. Deciding which one works best for a particular company or enterprise requires answering a number of questions, including about operations, growt... Read More »

Types of Organizational Skills?

If you frequently misplace your cellphone or find your keys in the refrigerator, you could benefit from beefing up your organizational skills. Everyone leads busy lives, and between work, kids' act... Read More »