Types of Order of Protection?

Answer Protecting your safety, and any children, other family members and friends is important. Family court and other law enforcement agencies allow you to obtain an emergency, temporary or permanent res... Read More »

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What is a stipulated order of protection?

A stipulated order of protection is a court order that requires one person to stay away from another person, but that allows for certain conditions, such as child visitation or communication in cer... Read More »

Is an order of protection free?

In many cases, an order of protection--sometimes called a restraining order--is free, depending on the circumstances. A domestic violence order of protection, where violence has and may occur, is t... Read More »

What happens if you violate an order of protection?

Courts issue orders of protection (OP) to stop abusers from threatening, harassing or physically harming their children, spouses or former partners. Criminal OP violations lead to jail time, while ... Read More »

How to Counteract an Order of Protection?

Orders of protection, also known as restraining orders, are judicially issued orders compelling you to cease harassing, abusing or causing emotional distress to the plaintiff. While it can be diffi... Read More »