Types of Observation Assessment in the Classroom?

Answer Competent teachers must have the sensitivity to observe and feel the climate of their classrooms. Developing a keen set of observational skills allows educators to quickly and consistently measure ... Read More »

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Factors of Classroom Observation?

Observing the classroom is an essential part of academic management. By watching how classrooms operate, what they look like and noting the student-teacher relationship, administrators can determin... Read More »

Classroom Observation Protocols?

Classroom observation protocols are the guidelines that are followed when an administrator, fellow teacher or outside researcher visits a class to gather information about how the teacher structure... Read More »

Classroom Observation Methods?

Classroom observation is a crucial part of a student teacher's education. Inside the classroom monitoring a successful teacher is one of the best places for you, the student teacher, to develop yo... Read More »

Classroom Observation Tools?

Teachers are in a unique position, in control of a number of people, organizing what they do and how they do it. To ensure that all the right procedures are being followed and learning is taking pl... Read More »