Types of Oblique-Angled Parallelograms?

Answer When studying geometry, there are many new terms to learn. These terms refer to the shapes you will be learning about, as well as types of angles these shapes create. Learning the terms for the sha... Read More »

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Types of Angles in Parallelograms?

Geometry is widely studied in high school or college. It can be an abstract branch of mathematics, but it's also rooted in our daily lives. The shapes, planes, and forms studied in geometry are com... Read More »

Three Special Types of Parallelograms?

Parallelograms are a special kind of four-sided shape, or quadrilateral, with opposite sides that are parallel to each other. Three categories of parallelograms are distinguished by the length of t... Read More »

How to Do an Oblique Sit Up?

This medium-impact exercise, also a called torso-twisting sit up, focuses on strengthening your obliques, the muscles responsible for rotating your torso.

How to Find Oblique Asymptotes?

When graphing functions, it is not unusual to encounter a line that your graph might near but never touch or cross. Such a line is called an asymptote. The asymptote can be vertical, horizontal or ... Read More »