Types of Nutrient Agar?

Answer Nutrient agar is one of the gelatinous substances that can be used at the bottom of a petri dish. This material contributes to a hospitable environment for microbiological growth by providing both ... Read More »

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How to Read Bacteria Types on Fruit with a Swab on Nutrient Agar?

Bacteria are found everywhere and are easy to collect and grow. The most common method of growing bacteria is in petri dishes containing agar. Agar contains nutrients that allow microorganisms, suc... Read More »

Nutrient Agar vs. Blood Agar?

Scientists have a variety of methods at their disposal when they need to cultivate microorganisms such as bacteria. Two of those methods involve growing the bacteria in special plates called Petri ... Read More »

What is a nutrient agar?

Nutrient agar is a substance used for cultivating microorganisms. It contains peptone, beef extract and agar. Peptone provides a source of amino acids and long-chained peptides. Beef extract contai... Read More »

The Chemical Composition of the Nutrient Agar?

Biochemists culturing microbes on the clear flat glass of a petri dish likely use a base of agar to grow the microbes. Several types of agar exist, and each has specific applications for which they... Read More »