Types of North American Foxes?

Answer Foxes belong to the canid family, along with wolves and coyotes. However, foxes are the smallest members of the dog family, as they are no larger than a cat. Foxes live in various types of habitats... Read More »

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Types of Severe Weather in North Carolina?

Given the correct circumstances and conditions, Earth can generate enormous storms capable of destroying cities and displacing millions of people. In the United States, many states are challenged ... Read More »

Who was the first African American to go to the North Pole?

The first African American to reach the North Pole was Mathew Henson. Henson was on the first expedition to reach the Geographic North Pole along with Robert Peary and a few Eskimos in April 1909.R... Read More »

North American Medical Schools?

Medical schools in North America have competitive entrance requirements with low ratio of places to applicants. In North America, medical degrees must be undertaken after you complete a bachelor's ... Read More »

What is the scientific name for a North American squirrel?

Grey squirrels are widespread across the North America continent and are often referred to as North American squirrels. Their scientific name is Sciurus carolinensis. These and all other squirrel s... Read More »