Types of Music Grooves?

Answer Groove is an abstract concept that refers to the "feel" of a rhythm. For example, any kind of drum beat can have its own distinct groove. The groove is feel that drummer puts into the beat, governe... Read More »

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Types of Music That Help You Learn?

Many kinds of music can enhance learning. Pascal, a French mathematician believed that music forced the brain to count subconsciously. Biophysicist Gerald Oster from the Mount Sinai Hospital in New... Read More »

Different Types of Jazz Music?

Jazz music is a distinctly American music form. The genre was born when African music and rhythms, brought to America by enslaved Africans, mixed with European marching band music. Work songs, negr... Read More »

Types of Banjo Music?

Although the banjo is not a ubiquitous instrument in popular musical genres that you may hear on commercial radio, the banjo has been an integral component in many musical genres throughout history... Read More »

How many grooves are on a typical 45 rpm record?

Because they are smaller discs, 45 rpm records typically only hold one song per side. The spiral engraved into the surface of the record gives vibrations in certain tones when played with a phonogr... Read More »