Types of Multiple Choice Questions?

Answer Multiple choice test questions are used to determine a student's depth of understanding on a topic. Moreover, they are a way for the teacher to evaluate her effectiveness as an instructor and a too... Read More »

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How to Do Well on Multiple Choice Questions?

Multiple choice questions on a test, seem to be very difficult, but if you have done your job and studied, there are ways to know the correct answer in any test of this type.


You should really be doing your own homework/exam.

How to Use Context to Answer Multiple Choice Questions?

Multiple-choice questions are present on many standardized tests. This type of question displays a list of possible answers to choose from. The answer can include multiple variations as in "All of ... Read More »

Some help with drivers course questions, MULTIPLE CHOICE for my learners permit?

Q#1 Should INCREASE the distance. Decrease means you get closer. not sure on Q2, not a good questionNot sure on Q3, that should be in the book some where. Q4 is correct, motorcycles are affected... Read More »