Types of Motorcycle Battery Terminals?

Answer When buying a replacement battery for your motorcycle, be sure to get one of the correct size and type. One important consideration when buying a motorcycle battery is the terminal. The three basic... Read More »

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How to Convert Side Mount Battery Terminals to Post Terminals?

Side battery terminals are a fad that came and went--almost. Some car manufacturers are still installing them, but most have gone back to the post terminals on the top of the battery. Side terminal... Read More »

How to Change Your Car Battery Terminals?

Automotive electrical systems depend on a good electrical connection to the battery for proper operation. Because the battery serves as the grounding point and the source for ignition power, the el... Read More »

How to Disconnect Car Battery Terminals?

Virtually all car batteries are of the lead-acid variety, where lead compounds are submerged in acid to produce electrical power. When the engine is off, lighting and accessories get their power fr... Read More »

How to Clean Battery Terminals?

A car battery stores electricity to power up your vehicle. If your battery doesn't have adequate "juice," however, it can't perform its job. Corroded terminals are one reason your battery can't hol... Read More »