Types of Massage Stones?

Answer Stone massage is a technique that uses hot or cold stones. Most massage therapists use basalt stones in their practice because of how well they retain temperature.

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What Types of Stones Are Used for a Stone Massage?

A massage therapist gives stone massages with special heated or chilled stones to treat a range of complaints. The therapist places the stones on particular points of the body, such as the neck, sp... Read More »

How to Massage With Stones?

Hot stone massage is a relatively new form of massage but a very popular one at most day spas. You can learn how to perform your own hot stone massage and give someone a treat that they might not ... Read More »

How to Use Massage Stones?

Massage stones are nonporous rocks, such as basalt and plain river rocks, that retain heat or cold well. The smooth surface is gentler on the skin during massages and will not absorb natural body o... Read More »

How to Massage With Hot Stones?

Hot stones can make a massage more intense; the heat helps the muscles relax and allows deeper tissue manipulation. A hot stone massage relieves sore muscles and encourages a feeling of overall rel... Read More »